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I want to volunteer but I have busy schedule. How can I help?

No problem! You can still help by making donations. Feel free to send a letter to the Afghan refugee people, along with the items that you would like to donate.

What items can I donate?

Food, clothes, shoes, electronics (cell phones and / or computers) you no longer use, bags and backpacks, sanitary items, personal hygiene items, household goods (pillows, duvets, blankets, etc.), toys... and any other item that you think might be of help!

How do I become an Allied Volunteer?

It's easy! You just have to fill the online form available in our Volunteer page (where you'll choose if you want to volunteer or donate).

What if I want to volunteer but also make a donation?

That is absolutely possible, and highly appreciated! You just have to fill both forms, one for donations and another to be a volunteer present in our Volunteer page.

I want to volunteer but my country is not on the list. What do I do?

We are working on expanding our programs to other countries, we will keep updating on our social media so as soon as your country is available we will post it! However you can still make a donation to the countries that are available.

Can I choose where I want to donate?

Yes, just select a country from the list available in our Volunteer Page and let us know on the application form.

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