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Donations is also a form of volunteering, and one we highly encourage.

It takes little to no time and makes a great difference in someone else’s life. We accept material aids such as food, clothes, backpacks, small appliances, electronics like cellphones or a computer you no longer use, personal hygiene items, shoes, household goods or any other item that you think might be of help.

Remember that these people left their homes behind with almost everything they owned, help them rebuild a home.

There are three possible ways to send your donation:

  1. Take your items to one of our collecting points.

  2. Send the items by mail.

  3. Go with our team of volunteers to the refugee camps and personally donate the items.

We encourage you to include a letter with a small message, tell them who is the person behind this ‘gift’, maybe even include a photo of you, a small but very meaningful act of kindness.

Fill in the application below to make your donation, ‘now’ is the time to act.  

Donations: Text
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