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About us

Humanity holds all kinds of different powers, and what we at Allied Volunteers believe to be the greatest, is the power of helping others.

Right now your help is needed. Thousands of people are arriving in our countries but their journey doesn't end there, it has only just begun. People who had homes, jobs, family and lives in their country are now refugees in ours. Our job at Allied Volunteers is to help them rebuild a safe, productive and happy life and integrate them in our communities.

We are a Volunteering platform, working within the North Atlantic Treaty member States, collaborating directly with local organizations and the refugee population, providing them with what they need, whether that's material aid or volunteers. As a volunteer there are infinite ways you can help, it can be as simple as: donating clothes or a cellphone you no longer use, helping someone book a hospital appointment or give a private English lesson. Help us give them the best possible welcome!

Join us. Be an Allied Volunteer

About us: Sobre


We are a small group of young people with different stories, different backgrounds and different personalities. Nonetheless, we do share the same goal: to help, connect and integrate the Afghan refugee population in our communities. Besides, we want to amplify the voices of those who aren't heard.

We want to be there, and we want you to be there with us!

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Matilde Canedo


Marta Gonzaga

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Girish Sreevatsan

About us: Team Members

Mariana Tavares


Eduardo Ribeiro


Miruna Nica

About us: Team Members
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